Will domain mapping upgrade redirect my RSS subscribers?

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    I want to redirect traffic from my old wordpress.com site to my lovely new wordpress.org site (http://newescapologist.co.uk). This seems possible with a domain mapping upgrade, as detailed here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/domain-mapping/redirecting-your-blog/

    What the support page doesn’t specify, however, is whether the 34 Google Reader subscribers to the old blog will merge into the new feed (which currently only has 19 subscribers) with no action on their behalf. I’d love to consolidate these feeds so all 53 of my subscribers can be unified into one feed.

    Does anyone know if the DM upgrade will have this effect automatically?

    Suggestions of alternative ways of achieving this would also be hugely appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is newescapologist.wordpress.com.


    That is a good question and one that I think only staff can answer. I’ve put a modlook tag on this thread so hopefully they will see it and respond.

    You can also contact them directly at http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/ and then if you would be so kind, post back here in the thread what they tell you for future reference.


    The feed URL would be redirected in the same way the other URLs are redirected. So, traffic from http://example.wordpress.com/feed/ would redirect to http://example.com/feed/ Google Reader subscribers will be sent to the new feed on the new site as long as the feed is accessible with the URL formatted as http://example.com/feed/



    Thanks for your help, both.

    thesacredpath, I just checked out your site and I suspect you’ll enjoy mine too. Take a look!

    I’ll keep this tab open and will let you know today or tomorrow if the technique actually worked.


    @wringham, you are welcome, and thanks. I’ll be heading over to your site as soon as I hit the submit button here.



    Arg, I can’t tamper with this right now because it will result in some site downtime (and now’s not a good time for that). It looks like it will be a straightforward operation though, so should work. Thanks to both posters for the help.



    I’ve done the domain mapping as instructed in the documentation, but apparently the old feed is not being redirected. http://karisalmy.wordpress.com/feed/ != http://karisalmy.com/feed/



    Then you will have to contact Staff for help http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/

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