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Will Google Index Long Posts In Their Entirety?

  1. routingbyrumor

    It seems that when I add a fairly long post to my blog, stuff towards the bottom of the post does not get indexed by Google.

    If a post is perhaps 2,000 words, I can't find it in Google if I search using text that occurs towards the bottom of the post. Is there a limit (words, paragraphs, etc.) of how far into a page Google (or other search engines) will look when their spiders are crawling the Web?

  2. I am no expert on this, but my readings on SEO show that search engines do not read through the whole page, only a fraction of it, how much I do not know. WordPress blogs usually rank high because the content is on the beggining of the code, so it gets read. But long posts might not be read entirely.
    But I would like to hear from others on this. My pages usualy rank high for a variety of keywords, but I have no idea how far down the code sear engine spiders go...

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