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Will I ever be Freshly Pressed ? (Giving Up Hope)

  1. Yes I know what you're about to say....this has been posted before...however...

    Each day I scan through some of the 'Chosen Ones' and am mystified at their selection. Some are great, no doubt - but others ?
    My blog is not quirky, hip, cool, clever etc - rather - it is one dimentional (read geeky) - devoted to my life spent in rock n roll.

    That being said - I have followed the 5 magic steps and cross my fingers each day

    I have an interview - soon to be published - with a big Beatle-related name - so look out for that (cheap plug)

    Actually I am always up for criticm/feedback - there is a pretty good community here at wordpress , so if you have the time, visit my blog and give me your thoughts !

    yours in rock

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Five Magic Steps:

    I am moving this thread to the showcase forum where you can promote your blog.

  3. Hello. I'm pretty new here. I'll go drop by your blog and leave a comment right now.

  4. Much thanks balladeer

  5. Dont let not being pressed press you, some of the ones that are freshly pressed
    i've heard very little of (if anything at all) then there are dozens of blogs here who have'nt been and their very popular across the net.

  6. Thanks webmistress27

  7. how do you become freshly pressed??

  8. Hi Rockbat,

    Sadly there's no way to break it to you gently,
    but the chances of getting Freshly Pressed are slim indeed.

    Consider how many hundreds of thousands of blogs there are out
    there all wanting to be picked and if 10 are picked for FP each
    day then that's roughly 3650 per year... how many blog are out
    there? zillions, and it grows daily.

    Blog for the fun, the pleasure and to delight yourself and your readers,
    if you get Freshly Pressed in your lifetime, well my friend, that's bonus!

  9. Hi Lifeofginga,

    You follow the link that 1Tess posted in this thread....

    but even if you do everything necessary, the BEST way to get
    " known" is to visit blogs that genuinely interest you, visit them often and make constructive comments...

    .. fill YOU blog to the brim with fresh, origional, quality
    content and then wait... exceptionally few of us are overnight sensations...

    if your writing is great then slowly but surely the traffic will come.

  10. Um, sorry if that all sounded a bit negative,
    it wasn't the intention, I just want folks to be realistic
    and not get their hopes up, yes?

    Not getting FP's isn't the end of the world, it IS a lovely little
    bonus surprise, but best treat it like the lottery...nice if you win
    , but don't count on it :)

    Happy Blogging!

  11. @rockbrat I will be completely honest with you in that I do not understand Freshly Pressed. There are some tag categories that I notice it is much of the same writers being picked for FP. Then, some days no is pick and there are posts that sit as FP for some time. Best thing I can say about it? Don't take it personally if you aren't picked!

  12. If I understand correctly, wordpress staff do not work on the weekend. So, when the FP posts are picked on Friday (morning), they remain FP until Monday (morning) when the wordpress staff come back to work and pick new ones. :-)

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

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