Will I lose the benefits, when I run my own wordpress script?

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    Hi all. My first post – My 4th day with wordpress.

    I have this norwegian blog: webartikler.wordpress.com.
    I’ve set up a redirecting at my own domain like this: blogg.webartikler.com -> pointing to webartikler.wordpress.com.

    Now, since some of the text, like the link for “HOME” and so on, can’t be edited unless I buy credits(?) I was thinking of running the wordpress script fully on my own server. (e.g hostgator) – also to have more freedom when it comes to designs and so on…

    I’ve downloaded and installed from wordpress.org, and I’m now running this on localhost.

    My question:
    If I run my own wordpress script, with my own host and domainname: Will I lose the benefits I have by running my blog through subdomain.wordpress.com, like the navigation bar on the top when I’m logged in, the possibilities I have for some extra traffic sources, thinking for instance about the frontpage of WordPress.com.

    A little more concise:
    Will I still be a part of the “wordpress.com community”, and will wordpress.com have ANY relation to my new blog at ALL, or will I be completely on my own – like if wordpress-blogs didn’t exist?

    Looking forward to your answers..

    – Roger



    In order to have the benefits of being hosted by wordpress.com such as your post categories and tags appearing in the global wordpress.com global tag pages, you need to be hosted by wordpress.com.



    Ok, so I can run my own script with my own domain, as long as I make sure to use wordpress.com as the host?

    And I have to read a little about mapping and redirecting as far as I’ve understood?



    You do not get any benefit if you are not hosted on wordpress.com for global tags and categories. If you use wordpress.com as a host, you cannot be hosted elsewhere. It is a catch 22. Have your domain on wordpress.com or on your other hosting. Imagine it this way….it is like comparing 2 web hosts.




    Sorry, I didn’t understand your last post there?

    You said_
    “If you use wordpress.com as a host, you cannot be hosted elsewhere.”

    I do understand I cannot host the same webpage/blog on two different hosts,
    if that’s what you meant?
    Can you translate “a catch 22” – I know it’s a way of speech, but I don’t know what it mean :)

    Is it like this:
    1. I can have my domainname wherever I want.
    2. If I want to use the wordpress -script, I have to use wordpress as my host,
    unless I will lose all the benefits..



    As I understand it, if you map your new domain to your blog on wordpress.com, then you will retain the global tags and such. If you move your blog to your own web host and domain, and use the software downloaded from wordpress.org, then you will not have the benefit of the global tags and it will take a little while for you to get back to the point you were at before the move, and you will also be starting over at Google and the other search engines.

    They say it takes about six months to recover your google ranking and such.



    Thanks a lot!


    You’re welcome and happy blogging.

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