Will jetpack help in moving posts from self hosted blog to wordpress.com

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    I have my wordpress blog hosted on hostgator and I am now planning to move it to wordpress.com
    However, I don’t wish to get rid of either of the blogs. Is there a way to move the posts (content that I’ve written over a few months) to wordpress.com? Additionally, is there a way to publish a post on my hosted wordpress blog and at wordpress.com at the same time – without the need to manually copy it over?



    You should be able to find an export tool for wordpress.org, and then simply use the import tool here on wordpress.com and that will bring over all your posts/pages/whatever.

    As for publishing on both blogs, not that I know of, if you are planning to move the site, I’m not sure why you need to double post on two sites, which will probably make search engines frown upon your sites, since they don’t like duplicated content on different sites.

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