Will my Followers be able to read my protected posts?

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    Will my followers be able to read my Protected posts without me giving them the passoword?


    No, the post is password protect, so only those with the password will be able to see the content of the post. I believe they will be notified in the Reader and email (if that’s their setting) of the post, but they won’t see the content only the title. Which is what they would see if they went to your blog, just the title and an option to input a password.



    Hi, I got it! Thank you! :)



    But I could not find anywhere how can I let people know the password. I would like my followers to get the password to the password protected posts automatically when they choose to follow the blog in the confirmation e-mail. Otherwise, it seems to me that I would need to také the wordpress followers one by one (in the stats, there§s only their blog written and no way to contact them directly from there, let alone all together) and the FB followers one by one and find their e-mails (even that is difficult, because theFB somehow shows those who liked the page in a strange way) and send it to them… Or is there some other way to let people know that “hey, I wrote a post that is password protected and here§s the password for you”.?? Thankk you very much for your kind answer.

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