Will not including tags to my posts limit number of search engine hits?

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    I am wondering if I choose to not include the tags & categories with each post if this will have a negative effect on how my blogs appears in search engines? I still plan to type in keywords when I’m creating a new post but I feel like it make my blog look really busy, especially if a particular post has a larger number of keywords. Any tips?


    Tags are an aid for search engines just as categories are, but if you do not tag or categorize posts, then the search engines are going to look through the post and pull out their own search keywords from the content. Sometimes this works just fine, but sometimes it does not. Sometimes the search engines grab words that have little to do with the content or subject matter. By taking some time to categorize and tag your posts, you are taking more control of where you content shows up in searches (I say “more” because the search engines still might grab some of their own keywords as well).


    Thanks for your reply. I still plan to tag the posts on the posting page (the area where you can type in tags and categories) but just wondered if I didn’t include them visibilly on my blog if the search engines could still find them? It seems like it’s an option to show the tags and categories on the blog. I’m not sure if that made any sense. Hah!


    If they are “hidden” the search engines will still see them since they will still be in the generated HTML, just not visible on the blog.


    Thanks! That’s what I was trying to saying but wasn’t quite sure how to put it. But yes, they are typed in on the new post creation page but I’d prefer if they weren’t visible under each post for my readers to see. Not because I don’t want them to see the keywords but because I feel like it looks messy that way. Thanks for your feedback!


    You’re welcome.

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