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    OK, something’s going wrong.

    1. I registered with a new blog name (sageosity), with a separate email address JUST FOR THAT ACCOUNT.

    2. Somehow they ended up linked. Meaning whenever I’m on either one, I see the other one in “My Blogs”, each with me as the administrator.

    In trying to separate them or transfer sageosity to its own separate, individual account/blog, completely separate from promiseofcookies, I can’t. Below are the issues:

    1. I can’t sign on to sageosity using that username or email address. A screen comes up telling me it’s wrong. I can only access it through promiseofcookies, by signing on with that username.

    2. When I followed all the instructions to TRANSFER sageosity to the email address associated with THAT account, it tells me it can’t be transferred to that user, and the screen doesn’t tell me why.


    The blog I need help with is promiseofcookies.wordpress.com.



    I’ll tag this thread for Staff assistance with sorting this out. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.


    Thanks so much.



    Hi there, I’ll be glad to help sort this out. Could you start by letting me know what username you created with the separate email address, so I can investigate? Thanks.


    Absolutely! And thanks!

    The one I want to separate from the original is username: sageosity

    The email address associated with that is (email redacted)


    Sorry, I don’t know if that went through since it says [email redacted].

    The email address is the same as the username, @ gmail.



    Staff can read the [redacted] stuff. It does that so spambots don’t grab your email address.


    Gotcha. Thanks.



    Thanks for the info!

    I think I’ve found the source of the issue – there is currently no user called sageosity in our system, so an account with that name was never actually created. The email you provided is also not in our database.

    Since there’s already a site called sageosity.wordpress.com (yours), you won’t be able to register that username on your end, so here’s what I’ve done:

    I created a new user account for you, with the name sageosity and the email you provided.

    You should receive an email with a temporary password. Be sure to log out of your existing WordPress.com account before logging into this new one.

    Let me know if you’re able to log in OK here under the sageosity user account:


    Finally, could you please confirm that you’d like to transfer ownership of the site sageosity.wordpress.com to the new user sageosity, and I’ll make that switch for you.



    Thanks so much. Let me go check the email and try this.

    Yes, I definitely want to transfer ownership to the new username and take it off promiseofcookies. Do I delete that myself once this is completed?

    It’s so odd the way this happened. I appreciate your help!



    I’ve gone ahead and transferred ownership of the site sageosity.wordpress.com to the user sageosity, and removed the user promiseofcookies from it.

    You should now be able to log into sageosity.wordpress.com through the new user account, sageosity. Having different users for separate sites can be tricky, because browsers often store information about the accounts and sites, which can sometimes result in “crossed wires.”

    To keep everything separate, you’ll want to be mindful of logging out of one account before logging into the other – or better yet, you could try using one browser (such as Safari) for one account and a different browser (such as Firefox or Chrome) for the other.

    Just let me know if I can be of further help!



    Great tips. I appreciate that very much.

    I’ve changed my password and logged in and out a few times without problems, so it looks like this is finally resolved.

    Thank you so much!!!



    My pleasure – happy blogging!

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