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Will not upload mp3 file, 25mb. File size limit?

  1. Attempting upload of mp3 file to post, starts but never finishes. Is 24 mb too big or is something else going on?

  2. Actually, I'm quite curious what the size limit is as well. I haven't been able to find that out. Also, what filetypes are permitted?

  3. Most internet connections upload more slowly than they download, and 24mb is a pretty hefty file... I'd be quite surprised if files that size were permissible, since once people started downloading it that would use up a considerable amount of bandwidth.

    (Of course, nobody has told us how much bandwidth we're allowed here, that being a technical detail which would scare off the newbies.)

  4. I just signed up for the free blog - (How is that distinguished from the blog through a host by the way?) & tried to upload an mp3. It said it was too big, so I tried a smaller one & a message came back saying that file needs to be 1500kb or smaller. Is it so small because I'm not going through a web host?

  5. i think that the default wp upload manager doesnt allow us to upload other files than jpg , gif, bmp, png images so mp3 upload may not be allowed at all [my host is powered by WP and it only tells that i can't upload other files than the jpg/jpeg, gif, bmp, png images].

  6. You can't upload MP3 files, especially that large. In the future we may have a paid option to allow that.

  7. So the upload limit is 1500k and there's no paid option to upgrade. WordPress sucks. It's full of bugs, the interfaces are shitty and it's so inflexible.

    Right then - is there an easy way to export my entire blog to Typepad?

  8. victoriacarolina

    It's free. It's in its infancy. It's getting better every day. Most normal folks find it neither "shitty", "buggy", nor "inflexible".

    You may export to whatever one way only IIRC: RSS.

  9. Not an easy way, no. doesn't have an export option (though one is promised at some distant point in the future) and, according to the Typepad FAQ, you'd need to get all your posts and comments into Movable Type export format. Either get ready to do a lot of copying and pasting, or be prepared to start from scratch.

    eta: just saw the previous reply. Typepad doesn't appear to have an RSS import option, that's why I didn't mention it. And I consider myself a 'normal person' (well, almost!) and I find deeply inflexible compared with most other blogging tools. You won't persuade people to stay in the community by verbally abusing them.

  10. victoriacarolina

    Well, yeah, but you can RSS to MT, then import back to Typepad (I think....)

  11. Yes, it might be easier to convert an RSS file to MT format if there's a lot of posts, but there'd be a lot of search/replace and general editing involved. Actually, looking at the blog, there doesn't seem to be a huge number of posts so I'd probably just repost them all individually rather than mess around with export formats.

  12. victoriacarolina

    Yeah, probably more sensible. I hadn't bothered to look.... *shrug* If there's not much to it simple copy n paste would be the way to go.

  13. Okay, by now we've all presumably calmed down. My queston is, are MP3's absolutely out of bounds as uploads, or I can do them if they're small enough? If it matters, they're legan in Canada and I'm interested in uploading Canadian songs by Canadian songwriters.

  14. *legal.
    Sorry, that typo's a function of the fact the text box here runs off the right hand side on IE. Sue me.

  15. MP3s are allowed. Please remember though that the servers are in the US and that means you have to follow US law on the subject, not Canadian. Much like you would have to follow US driving laws if you were driving through the US.

    There are a number of podcaters here at

    Please note that this thread is over 7 months old when *.mp3 were not allowed.

  16. i am a little new to this site and somewhat do i go about uploading and posting an .mp3 file????- is the largest file size def 25 mb?


  17. Filetypes permitted now:
    jpg jpeg png gif pdf doc ppt

  18. txt as well. Could have sworn that mp3s were as well since we have a number of pod casters on here.

  19. The last I took note of mp3's were a no go. This is the thread I'm thinking of Link

  20. I came on here to see if I could upload music through wordpress but I that has been answered several times. My problem is that I can't link anything I upload on my server, it appears the file gets re-directed. Hard to explain... here's an example:

    If you try to view that image, you'll get a 404 error. Does anyone know why that's happening?

  21. Because that's not a wordpress URL. Should also be something like:

    The space may also be causing an issue. Note that it's getting translated into %20.


    How to upload pictures just for reference in case you haven't seen it.
    What is allowed within a file name.

    Hope this helps,

  22. So then, I can only upload through the wordpress dashboard? This means that MP3's are definately out I suppose. If I want to upload and link large files like mp3's and videos I would need another host?

  23. For reference: What filetypes can I upload?

    I'm actually trying to figure out how that URL that you link to came to be.

    Usually videos are hosted with Google, Grouper, or Youtube and videos from those resources can be embedded within your posts. (example) You can link to them hosted elsewhere but not have them embedded into your posts as security concerns come into play. mp3s can be with Odeo. Or you can link to them like you do in this post.

    You can grab a copy of the wordpress software from and find yourself a host and do what you pretty much what you want. Since this is a shared environment, if security fails for your blog, you put at risk everybody else here.

  24. Just a quick background so you'll understand that url. I had a blogger blog where I hosted mp3s. I got BlueHost so I could host the mp3s and some images. A friend of mine turned me onto wordpress and set up the blog using my BlueHost account. This morning when I wanted to post an mp3 I went to my c-panel and uploaded the mp3. This is when I became aware of the problem. In other words, I had long before I wordpress but now it appears that since I had the blog done through, the way I used upload is out.

  25. What I'm looking at though is when I click on that link is that I get the bar along the top so I'm assuming (I know, I know) that the blog is hosted here at

    I understand now. You were probably uploading either via FTP or directly via CPanel and just linking manually. We're actually using a program called WordPress MultiUser and the files are set up differently than regular WordPress. The end users (that's you and I) have no access to the files or file structure and the PHP is actually shared amound the users. The only space that you have for yourself

    Yes, the way you were using links and uploading files is out. You have to do the uploading via the file uploader found within the backend. That's the only space that you have. WPMU is more restrictive in regards to uploading since it's a shared environment here and if someone was able to gain access to the core files, then they would have access to everybody's blogs. It's more secure since more checks are put into place but we as end users loose some of the advantages like being able to edit themes and whatnot.

    The Read me first at teh head of teh forums has more information but it's more of a general guide between the two different software.

    Hope this helps,

  26. Right on. Got it. Thanks for your help.

  27. I think most people use ODEO for mp3 streaming on the blog.

  28. Yes, use ODEO or (easier).

  29. ok - I all read that - well ODEO doesnt allow to upload mp3 from my own PC anymore -
    so to use HOW to place it into the Blog ???? if just ODEO is allowed ????

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