Will pictures disappear fr my blog if I delete them fr the server?

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    Hey there. I know that there’s already an existing thread [in reference to the recent thread: limited storage space for images] which posted the same question but I think that didn’t help much I guess. well, I certainly have reached the limited storage space for my image upload hence this post.

    I’ve deleted several images from my older posts and when I view those affected posts later, the pictures are gone. I’ve deleted some before this but the images are still there. I umm.. just don’t get it. Confused will be a better word.

    Is there a way that I can retain those pictures in my blog yet still have sufficient space for future image upload? I don’t think Flickr or any free image hosting website will help since I actually upload a deluge of pictures at one go, I’m not blogging about one picture at a time. Paying for a webhost can be quite costly so it’s not a good idea either.

    Then again, if I continue to delete the pictures and ading new ones on a daily basis, the storage limit will come to an end sooner or later. Resizing my pictures might not be a good idea. I use the thumbnail option for all my images btw.

    If no one can help me out with my question, it’s alright :D but just tell me, if let’s say I delete those images from the server, does it mean that it will be gone too altogether from my blog? If that is the case, it’s not even funny anymore :( I really hope someone nice out there could share some help. Thanks :)

    Waifon from limesodavodka.wordpress.com



    I also post alot of pictures a day and I use http://supload.com/


    nosysnoop: hey, thanks. That was a fast reply :D Tried supload. It worked but it links the image to the original size, no? Is there a way that the images I upload don’t have to be referred to view it’s original size?

    And my main question,if I delete current images of my previous blog entries from the server, does it mean that it will be gone too altogether from my blog?



    Yes, if you delete an image from the server they will be gone.

    You can’t get them back and if anyone is trying to read the old posts they will only see a placeholder for the image rather than the image itself.



    Nosy’s going to have to answer the size questions. I don’t use the service.

    Chances are any Pictures you are seeing in your browser after you deleted them are found in your browser’s cache. That’s why you’re still seeing them.

    You’re probably going to have to reupload the pictures to supload and then go back and edit the posts to point at the new site.



    I resize all my images to no more than 600 in width. But if they are large, it will show the image at a large size. But to view the original size, then click it again and then it’s the BIGGER image.


    cornell: ok..at least someone answers my question. thanks a lot! okay..since we all have an allocated space of 25 mb [is it?!], does it mean that the entire blog can only have 25 mb worth of images and blog entries? that means that I would probably have to resort to paying for a host instead, no?

    dr. mike: thanks for that suggestion. I’m trying other image shack and some other free image upload programmes. And oh~ is it okay if you answer the question I posted to cornell regarding the 25 mb space allocation? Thanks again dr. mike.. went to your blog. Really informative:D

    nosysnoop: yeah, I just found out about that too. More often than not, the thumbnail will end up with really bad pixels hence my detest for thumbnail pictures. If you hv actually visited my page, you would have seen that my pictures are large and clear. Although I chose the USING THUMBNAIL option. Thanks for the reply :)


    hey people, thank you so so SO much for the replies and informative suggestion. I found a new image uploader already and heck, it’s working just fine! Photobucket that is. It’s good albeit a little slow and it has its hang ups once in a while but as long as there’s an optional image upload programme, who am I to complain!? I would appreciate it if you guys have any other suggestions and comments about uploading images on WordPress. Then again, the 25 mb storage space is for a month or past, present and future?



    The quoted 25mb (I believe) is storge for uploaded files. That’s it. Not a month, year or otherwise. Once it’s full it’s full. Or so I understand

    Photobucket is ok for images, I use Flickr for my images and have no trouble with it at all.

    You can link the images just as you are currently doing from photobucket. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Photobucket works, use it. If it doesn’t, change!



    Podz says it’s “about 25 megs” of space. That’s the cloestest we’ve gotten to an offical response on the subject. I don’t have backend access so I have no way to check myself.

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