Will purchasing the CSS feature make this work?

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    Hi there.

    I’ve recently seen this author’s CSS made page: http://themeforest.net/item/black-aperture/43052?clickthrough_id=22093658&ref=meethere&redirect_back=true

    for wordpress, but I’m assuming he meant wordpress.org so weren’t sure if it would work on here or not if I upgraded my account to allow my own CSS.

    Of course, I messaged him myself to ask, and he said;

    as far as I know, you can only customize the CSS with a pro WordPress.com, which isn’t enough to roll out a fully custom theme. You’ll likely have to go with a self-hosted WP installation if you want to use a “premium” theme

    so if I did the self-hosted installation would this work? Just don’t want to fork out all that money and not be able to..

    The blog I need help with is nekoizumi.wordpress.com.


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    No. CSS only affects the style of a theme: the appearance.

    Note that you can “try before you buy.”
    Also, note that if you don’t already know CSS then you shouldn’t buy an upgrade. There is no official support here in the forums: only one or two people who answer questions if someone gets stuck.

    Read about the difference between wp.COM and wp.ORG:



    I saw that refund option on the upgrade page after I posted, sorry >.< but that’s helpful

    So if I did that self-hosted WP installation is that the onyl way to do it?

    The CSS from that author is ready made, and I know some html from my ICT class when I need to edit, but I don’t really want to change anything from that page, just to keep t how it is.


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    No, I was not talking about the refund: you can try out the CSS and view what you have done: it just won’t be saved “live” until you pay for it. Remember too that you must pay each and every year if you customize your theme.

    I’m not sure if the CSS upgrade is for me. Can I try before I buy?
    Yes! Go to Appearance → Edit CSS in your dashboard. You can write or paste your own CSS stylesheet into the text box provided, and use the Preview button to see how it will look with your current theme. The CSS changes you try with the Preview function will only be visible to you, so you can test and edit to your heart’s content.

    We highly recommend using the Preview function to try your stylesheet changes and CSS techniques before deciding whether or not to upgrade.

    Please read the link about the difference between wp.com and wp.org.
    CSS is “cascading style sheet” and not the same as the underlying code of the themes: CSS does not equal html.



    Oh ok, I understand. It’s just I won’t have the CSS from that page until I pay $30 for it. At least wordpress gives a refund and allows you to preview CSS before purchasing, but I don’t think he’ll allow me a refund if it doesn’t look good/workD:

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