Will Statcounter compromise privacy?

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    If I have a private blog, can I use a third-party stats compiler like Statcounter on it, or will that compromise the privacy?

    The blog I need help with is lindacassidylewis.com.


    Possibly. What do you need that Statcounter has that the WordPress stats page doesn’t? You should try emailing them or suggesting an idea for stats in the Idea forum if there’s certain features they should add.



    Yes, you can use statcounter and/or sitemeter and other non-Javacript third party visitor trackers. Scroll down to visitor tracking on this page. The blog linked to your username is “public” so I’m puzzled by your question. Anything we place on our blogs that tracks visitors to some degree or another does record data. For example this is what I get from sitemeter:
    Recent Visitors by Visit Details
    Detail Domain Name Visit Time PageViews Visit Length
    Recent Visitors by Entry Pages
    Recent Visitors by Exit Pages
    Today’s Visits and Page Views
    Previous 7 Days
    Previous 30 Days
    Previous 12 Months

    Trends Location
    Tracking Visitor
    Tracking Web
    Today’s Visit Depth
    Daily Visit Depth
    Daily Durations
    Time Zones

    Browser Share
    Monitor Resolution
    Color Depth

    Recent Visitors
    World Map
    Recent Visitors by Location



    There is no need to contact Staff or to post a thread into the Ideas Forum at all. Any non-JavaScript visitor tracking programs can be used on free hosted WordPress.com blogs and I have used and reviewed most but not all of them.


    Timethief, yes, the blog linked to my avatar is a public one. The one I’m asking about is private, so I didn’t think it would be of any use to link to that. I’ve been using StatCounter on my public blog for years. What I don’t know is, if I use that service on my private blog, will that somehow reveal the existence of that blog to the public.



    I’m sorry but I can’t say definitively either yes or no to your question. I don’t know. (If you want a personal response then I wouldn’t risk it. But do know that’s coming from a blogger who is not a stats watcher and many maybe even most bloggers are. )


    I’m a watcher, but also cautious, so I guess I’ll leave well enough alone. Thanks for your help.



    You’re welcome and best wishes for happy blogging.

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