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will subscribers get a new notification if I change the date of a post?

  1. Really 2 related questions:
    1) I want to backdate a new post slightly (not yet published) to have it show up below the current post. Will this work? and get announced to subscribers ok?

    2) (the main one) Was considering changing the date on the current post, too, since there's only a day in between it and the previous one--would bring that date forward to look more recent. This is what I'm worried about!

    I'm chicken to try #2 because I don't want my few subscribers to get a second announcement about the one that's already been published!
    Does changing the date on it to a more recent date "republish" it? Or can I sneak this in without any big fanfare?

    (Thanks in advance, and for all your past help!)


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Ingrid. I don't know if readers will get a new notification of a post if you change the date, but I discourage that practice for a simple reason: visitors who will have bookmarked your post or who will find your post via a search engine will end up with a "file not found" error.

    If the two posts that you want to reverse were made the same day, try changing the time instead.

  3. Thanks airodyssey--I didn't realize that. Really good for me to know this. So changing the time wouldn't change the url?
    My situation is now completely different because I published the new post by mistake last night! Was so tired I decided to log off, then hit "publish" instead of "save draft".
    I really didn't want to have it show up on the blog for another few weeks for a reason that is moot now, and then wanted it to be filed below the previous post.

    I've always been nervous that I would do this someday! ---I have a few unfinished drafts of various tutorials saved, and when I work on one, it's hard to remember to head for the "save draft" command--that big "publish" icon is kind of compelling!
    At least this post was pretty much finished.
    So, so much for all my machievellian preplanning about its release!

  4. I'm glad my answer was useful to some extent :-)
    Have a nice weekend.

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