Will switching my account to a pointed DNS domain change my URLs properly?

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    I created a new domain franklinmcmahonstudio.com with a new WordPress.com account. Works fine. I then went to my domain host and set my other domain DNS, franklinmcmahon.com, to point to my wordpress.com account. I then added the domain for $13.00 per year.

    Now my question is, if I switch my domain in my settings to the new domain, franklinmcmahon.com, will it update all my URLs, pages, etc to the new domain? Such as franklinmcmahon.com/about

    Ideally I’d like to just use the franklinmcmahon.com domain here at wordpress.com but wanted to make sure it would work properly before I actually switched it.

    Also wondering if there were any pros/cons concerning things like SEO, Google, by using a domain pointing here as opposed to one registered here (I do know my other domain email/services may stop working which is fine)

    Thanks for the help!


    The blog I need help with is franklinmcmahonstudio.com.



    I just get new hosting for my website the problem is wordpress.com need to send me a file and to take out domain that I buy from wordpress.com.

    Now my new web host can’t do anything if the wordpress.com not sending all information…

    Please help me on this as I not very familiar with this..
    1.How do I contact wordpress.com team.
    2.any phone or email?
    3.I need urgent as i already pay for the host and it stuck with this..

    my domain /website is: http://langkawihomestays.com

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