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Will the pics stay

  1. Will the content of a page, ie uploaded files be deleted once the page is deleted or are the files uploaded to the site not relating to the specific page?

  2. Will everything still be sent to default even after they're deleted? I forgot now. Maybe someone else can help.

  3. What you've written in the deleted post is deleted. Photos remain. Dont need to believe me - try it out on a draft for yourself.

  4. forestneeds maybe youre not understanding. i upload a pic, and link it to say my forum signature, and then i delete the page containing that upload, will the upload be deleted or does it stay?

  5. @blayde
    Go to a brand new clean "write post" and scroll down to the image upload box. Now click "browse all". You will see every image you have ever uploaded into that blog whether or not the post has been deleted.

  6. Photos remain. They are kept seperately away from your posts and do not depend on them.

  7. If you want to delete one or more photos, then you do that seperately from deleting the post. Do as TT says,click on the photo you want to edit, then click on 'edit', then 'delete file'option. I dont know how or if partial bulk deletion of photos is possible.

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