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will the word B$#@H drive people away

  1. I would like to use a name for my blog that has the word B$#@h in it. The word would be used in a funny way, I am a woman and it would be for other woman to get a kick out of. (Like we are all B$#@H's sometimes). Do you think the word wold drive people a way or make them laugh and be intrigued.
    thanks for your opinion

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Frankly, one of my favorite blogs is
    She takes that word and makes it hers :D

    If you are too timid to put the word bitch in a thread, you might not be ready to use it in a blog title, though.

  3. I am new here and did not know if my thread would get deleted because sometimes that will happen with "bad" words.

  4. you might as well give it a go.

  5. Jesus Christ I hope not. I'd be fucked.

  6. Woah coaster what'd you smoke ?

  7. You don't read my blog, do you?

  8. lettershometoyou

    Don't you hate that?

  9. Well.. no I don't. Just haven't seen you swear on the forums before lol

  10. Fuck, you're new!

  11. Wow that was harsh! But a bit funny. LFMAO

  12. Crap typo! I meant LMFAO

  13. LFMAO = little fat mexican american orphan

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