Will there be a Follower widget on WordPress?

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    I’ve seen other blog having those cool Follower widget. I really wish that WordPress do have Followers widget. Just wondering if there are any plan on making these Followers widget?

    The blog I need help with is adi84.wordpress.com.



    It’s been requested dozens of times. Only staff knows, and they probably won’t answer in the forums, if at all.


    Seriously, I hate everything about blogger except for its ability to have followers, but I feel like it is so equally important as the stuff I love about wordpress, that I am considering switching back.

    Self-hosting is just too complicated for some of us. All we ask is just one little widget.

    Or if they could just flat out tell us that it isn’t going to happen.

    Someone start a petition.


    You can set up a networked blogs link button. It’s a facebook thing. If you have a facebook account then you can add the application ‘networked blogs’ and then put your blog feed in. Your blog posts can go straight to your facebook page and you collect followers there. I had a blogger blog which had the google followers and networked blogs – both were great.

    WordPress doesn’t support google followers (as far as I know but I am new), and neither does it support the proper networked blogs link (avatars, neat little box, etc) but you can have a button. And it does link to facebook. And people can see you. It’s… not great. But you’re welcome to look at mine http://marthawilliams.org/blog (under the big picture, left hand column – little blue text box).
    Size does matter.
    This button is a bit rubbish.

    But it’s better than nothing. (I may go self-hosted for this reason alone). Hope this was helpful.



    I tried Networkedblogs, however they only work for wordpress.org and not for wordpress.com



    Frankly I find the “if I don’t get to have a followers widget (which leaks link juice out of my blog) I will go to Blogger” to be an interesting/amusing position to take.

    When it comes to widgets less is indeed more because:
    every followers widget contains a backlink <outbound Google juice> to the source of the widget ie. they promote and lead traffic to the site serving the widget;

    every followers widget contains multiple links ie. outbound Google juice to sites beyond your blog;

    in blogs that have sidebars on every page such widgets “leak” Google juice as the sidebar loads every time any page on your blog loads;

    followers widgets can spoil the blog design and give the blog an amateurish appearance;

    followers widgets can also compromise blog speed (page loading time), in short viewers have to wait for widgets to load before they can interact with your blog. This may not seem important to bloggers on high speed broadband service but most people surfing the web today are on dial-up service;

    followers widgets distract readers from reading the content on your front page and can also distract readers from locating the deeper content in your own blog;

    If such a followers widget is introduced here at wordpress.com then I will not use it. I don not add widget to my blog unless they Widgets generally accomplish the following things:

    1. improve the functionality of a site by providing reader accessibility to content that is not located on the front page;

    2. redirect readers to high quality sources of relevant information found in authoritative blogs in the same niche.

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