Will this be allowed or not

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    I’m a convicted sex offender, for d/l of level one indecent images, I’m attending a course for sexual offenders and i want to start a blog that will hopefully encourage others not to go down the same route I did, But would this be allowed or would it be something too controversial or just plain in bad taste?

    The blog I need help with is littlegirlloverrepents.wordpress.com.



    This is a technical support forum. It’s provided for members to ask and answer questions that directly relate to the use of wordpress.com software.

    If you would like to chat (converse with) then this is not the forum for that. The Off-Topic Forum is the right pace for chatting and you can find the link to post a thread in the left sidebar of the front page of the forum here > https://en.forums.wordpress.com/forum/off-topic

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    Sorry my mistake, I came here looking for an answer to a support question, and this is the support forum……if the answer is no then I would not start the blog


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    @ littlegirlloverrepents

    You might want to mark your blog as mature. Mature blogs are not censored on WordPress.com. but they will not be included in the global tags:

    Here is one of many discussions on this forum about mature blogs:

    If you have a question about whether your blog is mature or not, ask support:



    Technically anyone can have a free blog. Technically the traffic you do or don’t attract to your blog cannot be determined in advance of content creations and reader response to it. Technically we are all unique individuals with our own options and polling multi-millions of wordpress.com bloggers either prior to content creation or following it is not something you can successfully undertake because our personal information is private and there is no membership list we members can access. Technically this is the Freedom of Speech entry you may wish to read and that’s where the technical aspect ends. > http://en.wordpress.com/freedom-of-speech/


    Thank you both for your replies, and my apologies as my previous reply seemed curt, but I saw no way in which to edit it after the fact.



    Only Staff can edit threads and/or delete entries. What we post here is public information that remains “on the record” so to speak. You’re welcome.


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    No worry. I took your question as a support question and answered it accordingly. Any you are right, we can not edit comments in this forum once they are submitted.



    Actually, I think the MOST relevant information is that you should contact staff directly if you are at all concerned. My expectation is that they would almost certainly allow the blog, but may set it as Mature, which means people won’t stumble accross it accidentally, but it’ll still be visible to search engines.

    You can contact them via the “help tree” on your dashboard or at http://support.wordpress.com/contact

    Good luck!



    Thanks for that, have posted my first blog and will see if it is acceptable

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