Will WordPress allow ‘official’ twitter widget?

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    Will WordPress allow the ‘official’ Twitter widget to be embedded in my blog? I have tried to add the widget from twitter.com to my blog by copying the code generated by the widget wizard at twitter and pasting it into the sidebar of my blog’s home page using WordPress’s ‘Text (random text or HTML)’ widget.

    All I end up with is the html displayed as text in the sidebar.

    Please note I am referring to the flash widget from twitter, not the twitter widget from WordPress, the latter of which works just fine.

    Many thanks

    The blog I need help with is tweetyourselfthai.wordpress.com.



    If you’d do a forum search you’d see dozens and dozens of threads in which this question has been asked and answered. The answer is no, because it’s Flash, of course, which is stripped out at WordPress.com for security reasons.


    I did do a forum search for twitter, and looked at the FAQ, and tried my best to resolve the issue before asking for help. Clearly I missed the dozens and dozens of threads dealing with this issue, or wasn’t clear that the question related to the twitter widget and not the wordpress version thereof. I appreciate your time and effort and I am truly sorry if I wasted you time.



    No worries, I just think they should have turned up. We answer this every two or three days.



    Don’t feel bad, few threads here are properly tagged so that the come up in searches, and the search function here in the forums is less say, slightly lame.



    In case you want to bookmark the support entry regarding codes that the wordpress.com software will strip out then here’s the link > http://en.support.wordpress.com/code/

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