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will WordPress be adding the new Facebook "like" widget?

  1. Will wordpress be in included in the websites that will implement the new facebook "like" widget seen here:!/sitetour/connect.php

    just curious, I think i for one support it!

  2. It's extremely doubtful, for security reasons. Facebook is one of the least secure sites online.

  3. haworthmotorsports

    I would really like to have the option to add the "Like Button". I think it would help with exposure.

    I like it so much, that I'll be switching my blog to a platform that does support it, if it doesn't materialize soon.

  4. I'd advise against it: Facebook changes so rapidly you could be stuck with dud buttons in a matter of weeks.

  5. Hi everyone, we're currently taking a look at all the new features released recently by Facebook, and we may or may not be implementing all or some of them.

    If you have a feature you really, really want, I suggest writing into Support:

  6. You can now add Facebook 'Like' buttons to each of your posts using GetSocial Live.

  7. Maybe helpful: Kouguu FB Like wraps the Facebook Like Button into a customizable WP plugin.

  8. Here's a WordPress plugin for the facebook like button:

  9. No, those are NOT helpful: plugins cannot be added to WordPress.COM blogs. Please familiarize yourself with the software as differentiated from the software before posting in these forums.

  10. @raincoaster

    With all due respect senior WP user, a forum is usually a place where people have questions they don't have answers to, because they are not familiar enough with how things work.

    Of course it appears boring to power users like you but you're not really helping by complaining.

    You could for instance share you knowledge and illuminate us instead.


  11. @bottomlessink
    There is no FTP access to wordpress.COM blogs and we cannot install individual plugins into wordpress.COM blogs. This can be confirmed in three places in support documentation and here on the forum.

    At the head of this forum you will find a sticky - read before posting post. It sets out the differences bewttwen wordpress.COM and word press.ORG.

    On the front page of the support documentation there is an even more detailed version of the differences between the two.

  12. I would really like to have the option to add the "Like Button" too

  13. The Facebook "like" button for bloggers is found here >

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