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Will allow changing permalink format?

  1. As I understand, currently doesn't let you change your permalink format. This is a bummer, because I have a blog I want to import to, but this blog uses a different permalink format. If I import it to, all external links to my posts will break, which is a deal breaker for me. Are you planning on allowing bloggers to modify their permalink formats? If/when you add this feature, I will move my blog to

  2. You would have to ask staff during their office hours via the Support button on your dashboard. The forum is basically an all-volunteer operation, and we have no way of answering your question.

  3. Permalinks cannot be altered, sorry.

  4. Why don't you just post some redirects for your old permalinks so that they get transferred properly. This seems like an easy solution to me.

  5. Is your blog currently hosted on your own domain? does provide for domain mapping

  6. If this is not the case then Mark our Support Maven has spoken and it is so.

  7. What you would require would be editing access to an .htaccess file which I would imagine will never be allowed on this service. At this time, I don't think staff are entertaining such an idea, sorry!


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