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will wpimport double-post?

  1. If i import today the posts from my blog in blogger, but next week i want to import the posts of the current week...:
    will wp double the posts that i have already imported or will import only the ones that were posted the current week?
    In other terms:
    Can i continuosly update to wp the posts that i publicate on blogger, using wp import?

    I so that will be fantastic!!

  2. In theory no but it has been noticed that sometimes a double post will go by. It's not suppose to though. Repeated posts are supposed to be weeded out.

    I can think of a number of solutions for what you're trying to do but, since your other blog is a blogger one, only solution would be to cut and paste as you post on blogger to WP.

  3. ok. i will do that in order to not to use the import tool too often. Thanks!!!

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