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will you be updating wordpress with the new twitter icon?

  1. I am using your free social media tool and wondering when the new icon will appear so I can use it on my site?

    Blog url:

  2. Which new icon are you referring to please?

    You can use a Twitter widget >

    You can post a twitter follow button >

    How to Add a Tweet Button With Your Twitter Username into

  3. I see that you already have a Twitter sharing button >

  4. it's the new bird. my website is using the acx social icons tool and twitter contacted me about updating my twitter icon as it seems all of them are out of date.

    my website:

    thank you,

  5. The logo is up to date in the share buttons provided by Jetpack, for example at the bottom of this page:

    The icon at the bottom-right of your site is not under our control and needs to be either replaced by you or your theme's designer.

  6. I've been contacted by the branding team at twitter that the icons I am using via jetpack(?) (or whichever wordpress tool I am using) is out of date. Plus my husband works for twitter and is telling me the same thing. I have been told that twitter has contacted wordpress about it but hasn't heard back.

    The icons used at the bottom of my page is the wordpress tool (jetpack?), just fixed in a specific position by the designer.

    Thank you for your help!

  7. Exactly which blog is being discussed here?
    This one which is linked to your username hasn't been posted to since March 1, 2012 !

  8. The icons below the page content (Facebook Like, Facebook Send, Google Plus, and Twitter) are the only ones provided by Jetpack. The Twitter icon in this row is up-to-date.

    The icons at the bottom-right (Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus) are not provided by Jetpack and you need to talk to your designer about that.

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