Will you credit my account?

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    My domain name was under your old account microsoft office & you dropped me when you dropped it & changed it to wordpress. I had paid for a full year & was only using it for a couple of months. Will you give me credit?
    Blog url: http://maryloutorres.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is maryloutorres.wordpress.com.



    Microsoft gave all Live Spaces bloggers 6 months notice they were closing down. No one was compelled to move to wordpress.com and those who did were not compeelled to purchase domains. All blogs here are hosted free of charge by WordPress.com. What exactly did you purchase from WordPress.com and when did you purchase it? See here > Store > Billing History



    You’ll need to contact Microsoft about this. They only offered the transfer of the blog’s content, not the upgrades, transactions, domains, etc.


    Are you not one of the same? I would like to have my info transferred to my new blog. What do I need to do?



    No, Microsoft and WordPress.com are entirely separate entities. As Microsoft shut down their blogging service, they offered to move the content from your Microsoft (Windows Live Spaces) blog to our service, but made no mention of the domain registrations.

    You’ll need to contact Microsoft about the domain.

    As for the content, Microsoft shut down Windows Live Spaces on March 31, 2011, and the migration period to WordPress.com has ended.

    I believe you can still contact Windows Live support to retrieve a copy of your blog, but this will be an archived copy of the site itself and cannot be imported to our service.


    Thank you for your help!



    You’re welcome!

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