Windows 8 and recent WordPress update

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    I believe WordPress just updated things since some things look different now, overall nice changes to Media, for example.
    However I am finding I cannot make posts via IE10 browser app in Windows 8. I have been using the new style browser for my posts and never had an issue.
    Now every time i upload an image, it gives me an error. However open up to edit that post in Chrome and the image is there. So clearly it was uploading but for some reason, it fails and I can’t see it in IE10 (app version).
    It worked before so I am fairly sure that it has to do with the update. I searched and didn’t see a mention about this.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi, I have just migrated to a new laptop (Sony Vaio) and, lord help me, Win8 (5 days and still fixing things). In WordPress, Media > upload image now freezes in IE10 (even after reboots; page refreshes just lose the blog page). In Firefox (latest ver) Media upload works fine. However, Firefox in Win 8 is unusable as one cannot plug in Adobe Flash or video feeds (as if by MS design?) IE10 works like a dog and doesn’t allow WordPress media management.

    Is there a solution please for a Win8 user, preferring Firefox, but forced to use IE10?

    Best wishes, WP fan -SC



    Hi there,

    We recently implemented some IE-specific updates to make the media module work a bit smoother. These changes were very recent, so can you check to see if you’re still having these issues?

    If so, just let me know and we’ll investigate further!




    Yes, I now have success uploading images again in IE10.
    Thank you


    Hi, I just tested it too and it seems now to allow an image to be uploaded from hard drive. Thanks. (IE10 in Windows 8 – a bit of a challenge all round; Mozilla still not playing fair in the schoolyard :-(

    Best Regards, SC (



    I’m glad we were able to help!

    Wish there were more I could do about browser discrepancies :)


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