How do I log into my Windows Live Space?

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    Hey Guys.. I had My Account on Windows Live spaces Bloggig website..
    I am unable to log into my account and the windows spaces liver server is redirecting me too wesbite.
    I have also created theaccount in, but i cant reterive my msn spaces live data , My Photos, My Blogs.. they are so preciuos…
    Canyou please help in telling em how can it be reterived..
    There was no notification that they are going to shut down the spaces server..
    Please help.. desprate..
    Blog url:



    Unfortunately, as per the numerous warning emails, Windows Live Spaces was closed down at the end of March, 6 months after the first announcement.

    If you had photos at you can login there and access them separately. Your blog content, unfortunately, is no longer acessible.



    But there must be some way. I only require Text of the blogs and there must be around 10 or so..If you could only reterive th Text.

    Also, I am unable to find any pictures in
    Come on.. you guys have access .. you can reterieve anthing if you want..



    I’m sorry but Windows Live Spaces blogs are no longer available for migration to Microsoft has sent out several notifications about this since October of last year, and the Live Spaces blogs are now offline.

    I suggest you contact Microsoft for more information about this. They might still be able to retrieve your blog’s content.

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