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Windows Live Space Newcomer Requesting HELP!

  1. Having recently been "redirected" to WP from Windows Live Space, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed as a "newcomer".
    Using Live Spaces allotted user's to customize their spaces fairly simplistically. Though there seems to be a large array of Templates out there for users in WP, I'm finding the "customization" options to be quite cumbersome, let alone the whole "learning curve" routine. Needless to say, I have a few questions right off:
    1. Will I really have to do the CSS upgrade to accomplish any type of "customization" to templates used/downloaded?
    2. How may users best learn CSS if they decide to stay with WP?
    3. Can you style WP templates via HTML or just CSS?
    and for starters...just one last question....
    4. Can you have multiple blog type pages? Example: I would really like to add an additional "page" for which I share recipes; allowing search options etc.
    Thank you in advance for any and all assistance you may offer to me (and other) newcomers. :o)

    The blog I need help with is

    1. You can only use the 100-ish themes included in the wordpress.COM theme directory. Downloaded themes are for self-hosted wordpress.ORG blogs and will not work here at all. However, a lot of themes, especially the newer ones, let you customise a lot without paying for the CSS upgrade. You can set a header image, change the background, position the sidebars and a whole lot more. To search for themes with a specific functionality then select "Feature Filters" next to the search bar under Appearance > Themes.
    2. There are lots of tutorials out there to help you get to grips with CSS. You really need to understand how HTML works too. I recommend the Sitepoint and W3Schools sites.
    3. You can add HTML in your posts and pages and the Text widget for your side/bottom-bar but apart from that the only styling you can do is with CSS.
    4. You should use categories to split your posts into different topics. You can create them under Posts > Categories and assign them when you create each post. You can then use the categories widget or a custom menu to include links to the automatically generated page that will only show posts from the specified category.
  2. Well so much for being able to use the ol tag. Those were supposed to be numbered 1-4 to answer your questions in order, sorry!

  3. Thank you for your response hallluke. Really appreciate it! I will check out those recommended sites right now!!! :o)

  4. Oh great! I CSS upgraded, now ALL themes are wacked out! UGH!!!

  5. Have you added in any custom CSS yet? If so delete it and check the "add to existing stylesheet" button then click to save. CSS changes are theme dependant so what works in one theme might not work at all or completely mess with another theme. Post a link to your blog and I will take a look.

  6. No. No changes yet.

  7. Post a link to your blog so I can take a look.

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