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Windows Live Spaces SPACE.ZIP import into WordPress?

  1. Hi,
    I missed the window for auto-migration of WLS into WordPress.
    Fortunately my content was not lost, Microsoft had a limited time where you could obtain your old content in a ZIP file (SPACE.ZIP). This ZIP contains a bunch of HTML files which won't directly import into WordPress that I can see.

    Can you advise me on a method to import this content into my blog where it will maintain post dates, comments etc?
    If third-party utilities are necessary that's fine.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please contact Support directly at as they are the only ones who can assist you.

  3. Ok thanks. I'll post a followup here based on the advice from support.

  4. That'd be great!

  5. So far the answer is that there is no way to import the contents of the ZIP file automatically. It has to be copied and pasted manually.
    Still, I'd be interested to know if staff says otherwise.

  6. Nobody replied from WP.
    The bottom line is, practically speaking - you can't do it.

    I'm an IT professional (though not a coder) and exhausted all but one possibility - a set of blog migration tools that would have taken 2 hrs to install and configure.. and not likely to work anyhow.
    I spent ages exporting, importing, hand-editing XML - but nothing worked properly.

    Eventually I sat down and migrated the posts manually (sigh).. used Windows Live Writer rather than the WP web interface as it was quicker.

    A real bollocks from MS Live and WordPress, thanks guys.

  7. Consider yourself lucky that instead of deleting your blog for good as they said they would, Microsoft gave you a backup of your blog (although not in an "importable" way). :-)

  8. Heh yeah, true.
    Spose I shouldn't complain there, though their communication was poor on the shutdown - I didn't realise until it had happened. Must have been only one email notice (that I must have missed) cause I sure didn't see anything about the shutdown prior to it happening.
    Ahh what can you expect for free eh? :)

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