Windows Live Spaces supported Facebook Video Embeds, WP doesnt?

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    I recently migrated my Windows Live Spaces account to WordPress. In my blog posting history I had 125 videos, all embedded from Facebook. In the migration these were dropped.
    Now, I have tried to ‘repost’ some of the most preferred, and it appears that Facebook Embeds are not supported? Really? Is this to protect the Vodpod relationship and get people to buy the WordPress VodPod deal to host videos? I dont want to re upload another 125 copies of my videos, and manage them in a 2nd place.
    Spaces supported this. Facebook is the largest Social community in the history of the internet. How can this not be possible?
    I have read some other threads about Vimeo, VodPod, YouTube etc. I dont want this thread closed with those directions, Windows Live Spaces has been my home for 5 years, and we have been forced to migrate to WP. Losing the video post support is a pretty big deal.

    The blog I need help with is



    It doesn’t cost a sou to post videos on via VodPod. Perhaps you are confusing this with the VideoPress upgrade?

    As far as losing the Facebook connection to your videos, perhaps the best thing would be to contact Support directly and see if they can offer you a solution.

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