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Windows Live Writer

  1. theembellishednest

    I'm wondering if anyone uses Windows Live Writer for creating and publishing their posts? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There are no disadvantages that I am aware of. The advantages are ease of use, and the fact you will have a backup of every post and page on your own computer that you publish to your blog from windows live writer.

  3. I use it for everything and like it. some small issues, can't figure out how to caption pictures on it - once in a while while I am editing the start of a Post I whack the picture just ahead of the text away and need to re-insert. It defaults to the Pictures folder and won't remember that I never do that (I have a folder in my main section for pictures). Seems there are some formatting differences but even doing a Post last night I can't remember the exact difference.

    Much more convenient working on the desktop. I always save / post to my site with the edit online option so I can double check what I did.

  4. theembellishednest

    I read that it will re-size your images for you. That would save me loads of time!

    Do you find it is a time saver?

  5. saves a lot of time - yes it does make the picture file size smaller which I like - it is really great for just rough load a pile of pictures to a site - for my main site I always rework the pictures to the exact size I need as well as scale them - my last article was a how to coil line on an old sailboat and the pictures are in a table and I needed the pictures the same size to look good - so that I did before writing the article.

  6. theembellishednest

    Your posts look great! Thanks for your help.

  7. Thanks

    You be welcome & happie blogging

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