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Windows Live Writer Blog Theme Issue

  1. After doing a search in the forum, I didn't find a topic that totally covered the problem that I am having using Windows Live Writer, which I love, to create my blog. As of yet, I haven't published to my blog as I want to see what it will look like in preview mode prior to doing any publishing. The error I get in Live Writer is that it cannot download the theme, but I can still publish to my blog. Does anyone know if there is a reason why I can't download the theme (which is one of the prefab themes you can choose from WordPress)?

  2. We need a link to your wordpress.COM blog in order to offer any assistance.

  3. gerardocontijoch

    I have the same problem.
    Searching for a solution I found this:

    But it seems that solution only works if you host your blog in your own server and not in

  4. gerardocontijoch

    I forgot the link to my blog:

  5. Hi

    I am having the same issue as well, I have been away from the site for a little while, and was presented with the new dashboard interface, which was a nice relearning experience, yet thats a different matter, It would be real good, if this theme update issue could be addressed, as I have a huge amount of work to add to my blog in the new year, so having the theme template viewable in "live writer" would be a real aid to layout functionality etc- any help in getting sorted would be very welcome.

    Keep being amazing


  6. What version of WLW are you using? I have no problem previewing my posts (view > web layout)

  7. What you need to do is publish like a test post leave the test post there
    then download the theme files you shouldn't get the error after publishing
    a test post. once you get the preview theme files downloaded just delete the
    test post.

    I use this workaround anytime I get the error & usually WLW will download the
    theme files.

  8. Hi Guys

    Thanks for your replies.

    What version of WLW? I was using version 2008 (build 12.0.1366.1026)

    The last time I used that was before the new interface, and it worked wonderfully. when I started my blog revamp- a few days ago, I got the theme error- so went to the WLW help pages, and found that they had a new beta version- so I Downloaded that and tried again, and the same theme error- happened, I thought It might have had something to do with the hppts settings yet after turning them off and on a number of times, still the error comes up- I have reverted back to the older version- I did the test page with out any luck.

    So any other ideas would be welcome.

    Thanks for your time and effort


  9. Hi Guys

    This is a screen shot of the error message, just so you can see whats going on.



  10. gerardocontijoch

    Well, I was in exactly the same situation as innerrock, but when I updated WLW version (to the new beta) it worked!

    The (new) version of WLW I'm using is Version 2008 (build 12.0.1370.325).

  11. Even with that new up date, I am still getting the same error Boo Hoo sob sob sob lol


  12. Hi Guys

    It working now.



  13. Hi Guys

    The the glitch, in "the theme" download seems to happen, when you have set a static front page, When you turn that feature off, then the theme downloads fine, and then you have to reset the front page again and its seems to work fine after that.


  14. Hmm - perhaps that is something that you should pass along to staff I doubt they are aware of the issue.

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