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Windows Live writer cannot connect properly

  1. Over the last 24 hours, WLW is not connecting properly. Sometimes it posts, and then gives me an error. When I try to configure I get this error:
    blogger.getuserblogs method is invalid.

    I have been using wlw successfully for months.

  2. faith2hope2love

    I searched and searched for this issue before posting about it myself, but I somehow overlooked your post. It seems like at least three of us have this problem now. Hopefully between our two queries, we will get some answers soon.

  3. I have the same problem since yesterday.

  4. I have flagged this to be checked out.
    Sorry that it happened.

  5. Does anyone have an update or an ETA on getting this fixed? Do we even know if it's a WLW or a problem yet?

    Sorry to be a pest - just hoping to get everything back up and running asap. :D

  6. @jimmycanuck
    Id time is of the essence you could temporarily switch to BlogDesk and then switch back. It's free, very intuitive, easy to use and is working fine

  7. Hmm, this just bit me, too. I read that people have problems posting with Flock as well. :-(

  8. faith2hope2love

    As far as Windows Live Writer goes, it now appears as though the problem has been fixed. At least it is working for me now. How about the rest of you? Thanks for the help!

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