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Windows Live Writer cannot connect to new blog

  1. I use WLL, and manage several blogs. recently, I can't add more blogs to it, as it says the following:
    A succesful connection was made to your account but the server reports that you do not have an active account.
    I've tried it with both wordpress URL and the diverted one (I use to access my blogs via a regular .com domain).

    Did anyone have the same problem?

  2. sweetoldmemories

    ya ! myself facing the same problem. but even with blogger account so i guess nothing to do with wordpress.

  3. I've managed to solve it - if you use domain redirection within wordpress, WLL can't find the account. what solved the problem for me was:
    1. change the domain settings and put your blog in
    2. add the weblog account using the same address to WLL
    3. Download the settings etc
    4. return to whatever domain configuration you want. worked like charm.

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