Windows Live Writer problems

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    What the f*** is wrong with either Windows Live Writer or WordPress? I cannot post anything. The note says that there is a problem: unable to connect to remote server.

    The blog I need help with is


    Give me a couple minutes to get Windoze up and running so I can see if I can connect via WLW.


    Andy, I just did two test posts from WLW to my wordpress.COM blog without any issues. Check the settings for the blog setup in WLW.

    Also, if you can reset your modem to make sure it isn’t an issue with it.



    Thank you for checking.

    I am using a wi-fi set in my hosts’ house, so no way I can reset anything. I tried to post another thing but without any success. There was nothing wrong with it yesterday.

    There’s a prompt saying I should update my blog settings, but when I add login and password, I am denied any success on thet either.


    Is the rest of the internet working OK from your computer on the wi-fi?



    Well, I can post here.))) But in fact this wi-fi keeps disconnecting every couple of minutes.


    Duh-oh! of course you can use the internet. It might an issue with their wi-fi then or their ISP. You could try copy and pasting from the HTML in WLW to the HTML tab in the wordpress editor, but that might not work either with the flakey connection. Perhaps wait for an hour or so and try again.



    I tried to copy but then stopped. The pictures won’t get simply copied. And when inserted through WP directly you cannot just set one size – the one you need, etc. Posting anything through WP is a pain, also because of the small size of the editing field. Well, will try tomorrow, although it will be a dated post then. Thanks for the help.)



    I am surprised. My WLW works perfectly and I just can’t live without it.

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