Windows Live Writier WordPress = account problem

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    Hi all

    I’ve just installed LiveWriter but I have a bit problem
    my blog is “..myweblog. wordpress. com” and username is baurdotnet (difer)
    when I clik publish post appired in “baurdotnet. wordpress. com”
    in the accout settings was pointed “myweblog. wordpress. com” as homepage



    In WLW I would just go back in to the Account settings and re set
    the settings I have to blogs and it downloaded the wrong blog settings
    one time so re configuring the account settings should fix the problem… =)




    Hi, teck07
    I just done as you said but no results…
    WLW still refers to my baurdotnet . wordpress . com.
    home page baurweblog . com
    when I clik dashboard it refers to baurdotnet

    post after publishing puts into baurdotetn. wordpress .com

    I think WLW takes first blog from bloglist (I have several blogs with one username) or which matches with username?!

    any suggestions?



    Both my blogs are under the same user name what I would do is
    keep the blog account on WLW and create a new one with the URL
    and blog name you want your post to go to then make sure on
    the top right on the side bar it says the blog name you want
    if it don’t click on weblog and look on the drop down list
    for the blog name you want to send the post to if it’s
    not on the list then it hasn’t been added to WLW and you
    have to add it before you can post to that blog…




    I forgot to mention that if the blog name is on the list click
    and it will now have a check mark by it and should display
    on your side bar =)



    I don’t know, I’ve no idea no more. otherwise uninstall WLW.

    Yes, I know about side bar and switch them when it request but the matter is that:
    in the sidebar I see name of ‘baurdotnet. wordpress. com’ ‘s name & when I click dashboard it refers to the ‘baurdotnet. wordpress. com’ but when I clik View site it refers correctly to ‘ baurweblog. wordpress. com’ (this blog was pointed as homepage and I want to post exactly for this blog)

    WLW – takes blog which matches with username only…

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