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  1. I am new here, I pressed the button that says 'press it '.. so then I get an email that wants me to approve or trash or delete. Not sure what this means. I went to my blog, I now have the same title twice. Not sure what this means or what I should do, other than I won't be clicking on to the 'press it' again.....

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I think you mean Press This
    Is that what you did?

  3. No, sorry for the confusion...I pressed the button that says "PRESS THIS" it is near the area where you can choose to share on .....PRESS THIS, FB, etc....then after I did that I saw I had an email that says...New pingback waiting approval on Heavenboundheartblog

    Snowy Blessings….. – Heavenboundheartblog commented on Snowy Blessings.....

    Hi there dear reader! February came my way and now I am attempting to welcome March on this day. February is one of my favorite …

    […] Source: Snowy Blessings….. […]

    Approve Trash | Mark as Spam

    More information about the comment source

    Website: Snowy Blessings….. – Heavenboundheartblog
    Whois: (IP:

    not sure what to do now.
    thanks for any help or advice :)

  4. Read about pingbacks here please so you know what is going on.

  5. Thank you so very much! I do appreciate your assistance.

  6. You're welcome.

  7. sarahwithersblog


    It looks like you've accidentally reblogged your own post. The Press This or Reblog buttons allow you to share other people's content to your site.

    You'll be able to delete this extra post by hitting the My Site button at the top left of this page, selecting blog posts, you'll see the duplicate post in your list of published posts. If you click on the button that says ...more underneath this post you'll have the option to trash the post. That will delete it from your blog.

    Hope this helps!

  8. Yes that is exactly what happened.

  9. Thanks Sarah for more detailed explaination. That helped me a lot more. I have so much to learn here. I am writing some of these things down so I won't forget :)

    I appreciate both of your comments too. appropriate for writing online..hahha!

  10. I don't tend to fish, land the fish, and serve it. I tend to point to support docs and let people learn how to fish. lol :)

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