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    I so wish someone could make a new three-column theme based on the one I’m currently using, Connections by Patricia Müller. The theme is very nice, I think, but I could really do with some extra space without all that scrolling….


    The blog I need help with is hagenpahytta.wordpress.com.



    Hi there,

    As of right now, we offer 15 themes with three columns. To see all the three-column themes currently available, go to “Appearance” in your dashboard, and then click “Feature Filters” and click “three columns” as an option.

    And we will be sure to take your suggestion into consideration.




    Thanks for your answer. Yes, I’ve seen the existing three-colums, but none of them ‘speak to me’ like Connections do. It’s nice to be able to customise the header, for instance.



    There are 3 column themes that do have customizable headers. This is a list of all themes with customizable headers http://en.support.wordpress.com/themes/custom-header-image/ You can use the search utility and Feature Filters in your Dashboard > Appearance > Browse Themes > Feature Filters to locate other 3 column themes. Each theme has a thumbshot and a features summary description. You can browse and when you find one of interest you can click “Preview”. When you are ready to make your selection you can click “Activate”.

    Also note that there is an existing forum thread that Staff have provided for placing out specific theme requests in. The requirements for theme suggestions are found in the first post in that thread. The thread is here > https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/theme-recommendations?replies=101



    Hi, hytta,

    I really appreciate how much you enjoy the theme, thank you! :-)

    A 3 column version of Connections has been a recurrent request. I’ve worked on it on and off, but due to time constrains, never had a chance to launch a complete version. It’s still in my plans and hopefully I’ll be able to do that soon, since so many people seem to be interested in a 3 column version.

    If there’s anything I can do to help in the meantime, please let me know. And thanks for using the theme.

    Patricia Muller.

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