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    First, I could not find an easy way to thank Dr. Mike for help with my previous comment, so thanks, Dr. Mike!

    My question: They WISIWYG editor is great, and the keyboard shortcuts even better.

    But this feature does not seem to be available in comments, for any level of user. I can go back to a comment that’s been posted and edit it, but I can’t use bold, italic, etc in the comment box.

    Am I missing something?



    Not a problem. :)

    There’s a couple different questions here. There is currently no advanced editor for the comment field. I think there’s a plugin that can be used on teh self hosted WP blogs though.

    The bold etc in the comments – I know in some things you can do these tags. It’s come up before. I think it’s theme dependant for the most part.



    The editor might be wysiwyg but why does it join the dashes together?
    If I type —– (5 Dashes) in ‘New Post’ or ‘Edit Post’then that is what appears in the editor which means I can carefully line things up. However when I view the site the dashes have paired up so that 5 dashes have become 2&1/2 dashes which takes up less space and which stuffs up my careful ordering of columns.



    You have discovered one of the annoyances of TinyMCE I’m afraid. It’s seeing some of them as what’s known as an ‘en dash’ and some of them as an ’em dash’. (Doesn’t meam much to me either) It has a tendancy to do stuff like that. Wait until you try coping in text from Word. :)

    Best bet would be to switch over to the normal text editor for posts like this one. You can do that at Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile -> the checkbox at the bottom of the page.

    You can also try using the escape code for a dash – – I don’t know if the WYSIWYG editor will take it though. Write your post and then do a “search and replace” with the dash being replaced with the code above.

    Good luck,

    edit: — is for the longer dash by the way.



    nah, it’s not the TinyMCE this time.

    itsa Texturize — makes the web more typography conformant. rather useful.



    I have no idea what that thing is but I see where Matt talks about the en and em dashes. Something’s screwing it up but I still say you’re probably going to have to go to the escaped characters to get the dashes to show up right.




    I’d rather put —– (5 ‘plain’ dashes) into <PRE> or <CODE>.



    Thanks. I don’t get to dig much in the Codex.

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