With the Custom Design upgrade, how flexible is my customization?

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    If you look at my blog, I have numerous widgets lining the right side of it. I would like those widgets to match the color of the title. I figure with access to CSS I will be able to change them, but I would like to know if I will be able to do that.

    If any further information is required, do not hesitate to ask.


    The blog I need help with is darendark.wordpress.com.


    All doable via CSS. Are you talking about the colors for the titles of the widgets matching the title of your site, or all the widget textual content?



    Just the titles. I feel that right the widget titles blur with the actual text of the posts, and I would like to distinguish the two.



    I can enable a trial period for the Custom Design upgrade.
    If I do this, how can I call upon the widget’s title and change its color?
    I am not given the theme’s CSS.


    This would be the CSS. You can try it and preview in the custom design page.

    #sidebar h3, #sidebar h3 a {
    color: #CA1E00;


    Amazing! Thank you!
    Just one last thing, if I wanted the titles of each post to have that same color, am I able to do that through the settings I have, or would this also need to be handled with the Custom Design upgrade?

    I could change the color of “links” using the custom design page, but this will change all links. I just want the post titles.


    There are two conditions. One is the main blog page where the titles are links, On that page, typically there is a standard color (when mouse not over it) and then the hover color, when the mouse is over the link. Right now the titles on the main blog page are going red when you hover over them.

    The second condition is on the single post page (after clicking a title or comment link) where the title isn’t a link.

    Front page (non-hover) and single post page:

    .hentry h1 {
    color: #CA1E00

    Front page hover:

    .hentry h1 a {
    color: #CA1E00

    Edit the colors as you see fit. I would suggest a different hover color to aid visitors.

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