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With what song you definitely you identify

  1. photographyfreestyle

    you can hear a lot of song, genres, artist etc...
    but there is always a especial song...

    1) maybe something that you lived
    2) a secret feeling
    3) or maybe the beat that you like....

    why? "maybe that does't happen to me but wow sometimes i'm really jealous
    and this paragraph is perfect for me."

    -When you wake, what is it that you think of most?
    When your bed is empty, do you really sleep alone?
    If I imagine you, body next to another.-

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Although it hadn't been recorded when I was a young girl back in school very painfully aware of being the only little Asian girl in my class, M2M's "Girl In Your Dreams" hit the feelings I had back then right on the spot.... and the lyrics always ring true for me:

    "Maybe I don't have the blonde hair you like...
    and maybe I don't have eyes like the sky....
    And maybe I'm not the girl in your dreams...
    but I could show you what love means...."

  3. Lately it's been Johnny Cash's version of Hurt. I keep playing it over and over.
    This changes from day to day though.

  4. theinsanityaquarium

    @photography: I LOVE T&S! I will now be singing that song all night.

    I always identify with 'Happiness by the Kilowatt' by Alexisonfire. They're an incredible band and the song is an interpretation of a Vonnegut story:

    So this is continuous happiness?
    You know, I always imagined it something more...

    Whenever I hear it playing I can do nothing else but listen. Such a beautifully intense song.

    And much love @tessf for a little bit of Cash :)

  5. Uhh... I don't know what the question was?

    But I like I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred.

  6. theinsanityaquarium

    There's another AOF song, 'To a Friend', that also has a line that just makes me stop:

    There is something waiting for me
    In the darkest part of my imagination.

    It's lines like that which suddenly make everything more tangible. The fact that other people feel like it too makes me so much stronger, and so much more sad.

    And after that little delve into darkness, I'mma go get a sammich. And LOL Pete :D

  7. When I'm upset, or don't feel understood this song helps

    Breaking The Habit (Linkin Park)

    I don't know what's worth fighting for
    Or why I have to scream
    But now I have some clarity
    to show you what I mean
    I don't know how I got this way
    I'll never be alright
    So, I'm breaking the habit
    I'm breaking the habit
    I’m breaking the habit

  8. theinsanityaquarium

    ^ Love that song!

  9. "When I'm upset, or don't feel understood"

    When you feel either, you need a slap and to man up :)

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