Woe, woe, woe: lost post that was in ‘drafts’

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    I spent for&^%%$#!ever, like truly a ridiculous period of time, writing a post I was quite attached to, with many links.
    I wanted it to publish tomorrow, so I saved and time-posted it for that. Happy happy.
    I went back and looked at the draft, saw an editing error, fixed it, re-saved. Hours later I went back to add something I found, and AAAAAAH all that exists is half a sentence.
    My thinking is since it was never published, so I can’t check a feed, there is no hope and all is bleak.
    But my hoping is that some of you have some knowledge that can give me hope.



    From being at Blogger, my experience has been to save everything until you see it on the main page. I don’t know how to help though. Hopefully someone later can.



    I had that happen to me a few times. And yes, it was while it was in draft. I was actually tweaking the code and somehow all but a few sentences vanished. But since I always write my posts in an offline editor, I was able to upload the post again, even though I had to go through all the tweaking again too. If you’re writing straight into the editor your draft is probably lost forever.



    Sadly – it’s gone but if you use an off-line editor like britgirl mentions in the future all will not be lost ever again. I use a free offline editor you can download from the web. It’s called BlogDesk and it’s very easy to use. Using it means I always have a back-up copy of every post.




    Not the answer I was hoping for, but thanks nonetheless for responding.

    I will try BlogDesk.




    I couldnt’ get BlogDesk to work. I wonder if the ‘WordPress’ setting, is set for the other one – .org?
    What settings did you use?



    I’m not technologically experienced. I’m simply a self taught monkey pushing buttons so I followed whatever steps were indicated, selected wordpress blog and thankfully everything went as smooth as glass. Such is not always the case for me.
    Here’s the link to the Blog Desk forum maybe you can glean something helpful from there http://forum.blogdesk.org/



    The same thing has happened to me a couple of times. I assiduously click on “Continue to Edit and Save” thinking that I am doing the right thing. All is well for awhile; I’m almost done with a detailed post. The phone rings; I talk for 15 minutes; I come back and everything I worked on is gone.

    Is this a problem WordPress is working on?


    P.S. Yes, I have learned my lesson (again) to never, ever write posts using the WordPress editor–or any editor for that matter. Always do them offline before copy-and-pasting to the WP editor.



    Or you could write them online, then do Select All, Copy before hitting Publish. I do this routinely, and it has saved me much grief. Also, there’s a sometimes-recurring non-saving bug that this is a workaround for, ie if your posts vanish, hitting Publish while you’ve got everything selected and copied and still highlighted, prevents them from vanishing and causes them to go through just fine.

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