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Women's day

  1. Happy Women's Day to every women here :).

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thank you!

    However, I have to say we should also have an International Men's Day.

    When I was at university many years ago, there was a "Women's Lounge" but no "Men's Lounge". Most of us refused to use ours unless they men got one too.

    Then the kids got chickenpox and I deferred and went on to do a different degree at a different university a couple of years later. No idea if the men ever got their lounge.

  3. First, Edited to every woman here.
    Then you're welcome. And I think there should be a teen's day too :)

  4. Isn't Women's Day every day?

  5. Attitude rocks :)
    And today Hindus are celebrating 'Holi' a quite interesting festival where people throw colors on everyone. Happy Holi :)

  6. Among the ten women who were awarded US award on the women's day one was Pakistani. Wow :)

  7. phoenixtearsheal

    'Women's Day' for every day :D
    This picture is brilliant -

  8. I'd like to award every woman on this planet the official uglymoose "woman of the year award". In order to accept this award you need to come up with 10 strange facts about yourself and then award this in turn to your favorite 1,700 blogs written by woman.

  9. It is women's history month at my college. ..
    Next week after break is over, I am doing an interactive art thing where I get so show some of my Women's History type pieces . ..then we're passing out little baggies ffull of art supplies and glue sticks so participants can create stuff too.

    Can't wait! :)

  10. Here's the lady, Shad Begum who got the US award on women's day. Shad begum get US award Proud on her.

  11. Every day should be Women's Day! I was raised by very intelligent women. Thank God. "Don't believe the lies that men tell you." My Mother said. "And don't tell your Dad."

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