Womensandhairs is plagiarizing my work.

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    Dear Sirs,

    I have found no other way to contact you. There is a blog in WordPress that is systematically infringing my copyrighted work both here in wordpress:


    and in Blogspot:


    This blog is:


    This is not only my case, but the case of some other important and influential European bloggers, such as La Pinturera:


    Or Amigas Make Up:


    Just to mention a few.

    I have managed to contact their host, but as all the contents in this website are proven facts of plagiarism, I would like you to take the necessary measures to remove this acount once and for all.

    As an example, I show you one of my copyrighted posts:


    And the plagiarism:


    Notice that they have even “copy-pasted” my edition style and watermarked pictures…

    I hope you find a definitive and ethical solution to this problem that is affecting so many bloggers.

    Yours faithfully.

    The blog I need help with is emeconeme.wordpress.com.



    Hi. I’d like to point out that I’m a user like you. The information below comes from support documents provided by WordPress.com

    If the blog is merely “Powered by WordPress” as opposed to being hosted by WordPress.com, you’ll need to pursue action with the hosting provider directly.


    In trying to follow your links, I noticed you put in a link to a different copied article than the one of your own you listed. This is the correct link to the copied post:

    I’m sorry to point out that plagiarism, though it is an unoriginal and unethical act, is not easy to get stopped, especially if the offending blog is hosted outside of WP. It is copying, but it isn’t exactly a crime. In some ways, it is a sort of complement. But I can’t see that you have actually been damaged.

    Consider the fact that much of your blog is not original, and not written in a fully professional style. You write about sales and fashion offered by other companies. You are entitled to write reviews, but those products remain the property of those manufacturers. I saw make-up artists doing exactly the same thing you did with the refillable pots for color over 25 years ago. That’s not a DIY article you are entitled to copyright. You offer your opinions about what fashion and make-up habits work for you, but the same information is offered by professional writers and columnists every month in womens magazines. You didn’t make it all up yourself. You learned.

    There’s nothing wrong with sharing your knowledge and experience, and using your blog as a workout space for writing, in order to improve. Just think twice about asserting ownership of content you did not originate without outside influences and sources.



    @invisiblemikey, thank you very much for your comment and for taking your time in reading my posts.

    Obviously I am not a professional makeup artist, but my reviews are not based on other posts, but my own experience about certain products.

    I don’t read too many beauty articles, I am sorry. In any case your argument is to look down on my point about this matter on the basis that I copy from others, which I don’t (I have never taken the credit for things that don’t belong to me) and that according to your opinion, there is no harm caused by the posts that have been plagiarized.

    I regret to tell you that these posts are copyrighted and taken without my permission and without quoting the source, and this is enough reason to complain.

    I haven’t read you blog, but I hope it is a place too for improvement and the practice of humility and empathy.

    Thank you.


    You need to send a DMCA violation notice to the webhost for womensandhairs.info . They are hosted at hostgator (according to one “whois” search) and US web hosts take DMCA violations seriously since they can get themselves put out of business if they do not.

    From Networks Solutions whois search:
    Name Server:NS1497.HOSTGATOR.COM
    Name Server:NS1498.HOSTGATOR.COM

    “ismyblogworking” says the web host is theplanet.com.

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