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    I am wondering if there is a way to put a visitor counter on my blog page .. I use wordpress.com not org so I am unable to “upload” one of my own as there is not option for that …

    any suggestions would be great!

    The blog I need help with is bettieblogger.wordpress.com.



    Sure, there are plenty. You can use the Stats widget, you can use Sitemeter or Statcounter (HTML-only versions) in a text widget, or you can use Whos.among.us, which I use to show how many people are on the blog at any given moment.


    use a theme that already has one on it! its so much easyer because i found that alot of the widget ones dont work! The freshly theme definately has one already because thats what i use! hope that helps



    To my knowledge, none of the themes have visitor counter displays built in. I use Freshy on one of my blogs: http://raincoastermedia.com/ and it doesn’t show one there.


    I use “connection” as my theme and I am not sure if that’s part of it, but in my admin page, there a ‘stats’ feature which shows me how many visitors I have on any given day.
    Would that be helpful to you?


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    All WordPress.com blogs have already have stats:


    The OP may have been looking for something that would display in a sidebar for readers to see who is online, or where they are from, or whatever…
    Check out Raincoaster’s post #2 above on this thread.

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