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Wondering if it's just me (stat related)

  1. I was wondering if stat tracking was down for a time between last night and this morning (I'm in Italy - it is currently 11 am). Not saying my blog is a juggernaught but generally I have 4x as many visitors as I do now (which isn't that much either:).

    Is this the same for everyone or should I send feedback?

    Sorry if I missed another announcement or similar thread pertaining to this. Thanks!

  2. Mine is off too. The graph on top seems to be right but when I click the Referrers and Top Posts link, then the lists are shorter. Those Top Posts and Referrers numbers don't seem to maych the numbers on the graph.

  3. My graph is showing now zero, and before the visitors jumped from like 50 to 200 (as it is quite usual at this time, 2pm). Something weird seems to be going on there, but i think the wonderful wp-guys are fixing that quite soon, as always.

  4. Hm blogstats has broken now. maybe this is the most problem on wordpress, this problem has happened, recently.

  5. i think it has to do with the latest spam invasion because my stats are off. the stats tell me how many visitors i've had but it doesn't show the referring links like it normally does. i think someone has hacked and hijacked wordpress.

  6. No-one has "hacked and hijacked" anything.

    It will be sorted out.

  7. It's those sixapart gremlins at it yet again. :)

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