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Wondering on how to make a separate blog section on my new site CrosstownPet.

  1. Wondering on how to
    make a separate blog section on my new site

    within the blog page, I was wondering how to "layer" the posts within the page.. (one after the other)

    If they are all on one page, how do i get a separate url for each post?

    I was idealy thinking of making my site look like a traditional site as opposed to a blog....I'd like it to look neater and just having links to each of the post like here

    and wondering how she just put a hyper link to the stories...where are the stories/posts kept? :)

    Thanks again :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Just either

    a) use one of the newer themes, like Origins or even inuit Types that doesn't look bloggy OR

    b) use a static front page and several other pages like Services, About, etc, and for the blog, if you set a static front page under Settings->General it automatically comes up in a different tab. You don't need to worry about layering, it'll happen automatically.

    You can also use a Custom Menu like this for some fancier effects, even bringing in a tab for Videos and Flickr etc:

  3. Great! I have made a static page.. pointing to my About page

    and I have made a separate page for Blog

    inside my blog page I want to make several posts.. each with their different url, I am unsure how to create a parent page (Blogs) and have each post have a different number of order?

  4. Raincoaster, thank to you, I figured out a way to make it work!

    I just keep making posts, grab the url and then place it back onto the Blog page :)

    Yay!! I want to treat you to dinner soon!

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