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Wonky Dashboard, Recent Posts & Header

  1. Hi, my blog is

    The header is not appearing, along with the images for my two most recent posts. Additionally, when I go into my wordpress dashboard, it is all text, no graphics whatsoever, and I cannot see the feedback link. Help!

  2. I see them all - no problem. I'm using firefox Which browser and version of it are you using? Have you cleared your cookies and re-loaded your browser?

  3. I just updated to the latest firefox, could that be it? Firefox clears every time the window is closed.

  4. I can see the header fine on Vista/Firefox. I assume it might have not loaded properly. Have you tried a force reload and clearing your cache?

    And Mary Kate has grown up a lot since I last saw a picture of her!

  5. The Cookie Dance
    step 1. log out
    step 2. clear your browser cookie
    step 3. clear your browser cache/temporary internet files
    step 4. close your browser
    step 5. go back and test

  6. I'll try reloading the latest version of Firefox. Thanks!

  7. It could be because you upgraded, I did that earlier today and it took a few minutes for every site I visit to cache. :)

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