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    For some reason I can’t get my widets that I don’t want in the sidebar to go away when i drag it back to the space with the rest of the widgets.



    You have to make sure the other widgets move around to make room for it; that shows you that they’ve caught it. Otherwise, the change won’t take. Try that and let us know.



    I have just spent many hours trying to remove the widgets also. They just would not move and kept on re-apearing soon as I took my finger of the mouse button…..but then I discovered how to remove them – and it is really easy too. All you do is drag the widget you want to remove down to the other widgets available box but dont just drag them to any postion and let go of your mouse, drag them to the line between the 1st and 2nd row of widgets and count about two widgets in from the RIGHT an then let go of your mouse button. There seems to be some sort of hot spot here which will allow delete to take place. You may have to play around a bit witht he exact location but it does work. I was pulling my hair out earlier on this evening – there is deffo a problem on the website but at least this answer should enable you to get rid of the unwanted (and persistent) litter bliters! All the best Colin.


    Typically as soon as the widgets in the available box move when you drag the widget down from the sidebar box, you can release, but then again, sometimes it can be a little finicky.

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