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Won't update to new header pic

  1. Hi,

    I uploaded a new header pic today, cropped it, and all was fine. It's still there now.

    Problem is, I just edited the pic. I chose a completely different portion of the image to crop, it says it's ok and everything, I go to page, and it's the old cropped image.

    I have uploaded it 3 times, cropped it 3 different ways, cleared cache, cookies, etc., refreshed browser, tried again, to no avail. The old one just sits there no matter what I do. Help?


  2. I think your problem will be on the theme sometimes the theme doesnt allow you a header try to choose another theme and try to upload your header.

  3. Also, try renaming your image. I've had lots of trouble with uploading an edited image with the same name - that never seems to actually update the image when it's viewed. I always need to rename the image (even if I delete the old image).

  4. Thanks guys for your suggestions.

    James, re-naming the file to upload fixed it. Good call!


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