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    Hi, I’m trying to to get the wooglecal plugin (http://www.blueace.nl/wooglecal) to work like this guy’s site (http://www.blueace.nl/agenda). But when I tried to install it here (http://wqke.minusthebox.com/) I noticed it isn’t working like his.

    First, it isn’t listing in chronological order of the calendar date, it’s listing by post date. Second, I’d like to get rid of the “Where” “When” “Eventstatus” like his in the demo. I suck with php, so if someone could tell me how exactly to go about getting this to work, I would love you forever and ever. Thanks.




    Read me first before posting.

    Afriad you’re at the wrong site. You need to be over at http://wordpress.org

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